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Two Huge Internet Marketers say, "We Quit"!

Expose Industry Secrets and Start Consumer Advantage Club!

Two Huge Internet Marketers say, "We Quit"! Expose Industry Secrets and Start Consumer Advantage Club!

The early Internet promised an easy, transparent shopping experience and an open online marketplace for small businesses. The reality is often confusing pricing and terms for consumers and logistics and overhead headaches for merchants. After 20 years of delivering award-winning products to millions of satisfied customers via ecommerce, we’ve created a new, money-saving way to get the products you want, without all the hassles and traps!

“Just a few short years ago, the internet was a new and awesome opportunity for small eCommerce companies to bring products like Garcinia-Cambogia, Diet Supplements, Health and Beauty Supplements, powders and creams and endless array for great products at reasonable prices. Things became more difficult as ecommerce sales volume increased and consumer laws changed. In fulfilling consumer demand, scalability is now more challenging than ever.” says Kelly Marcus of Landis Brookfield Media.

Internet marketing has created massive "advertising" networks known as Affiliate Networks, which have forced small manufacturers to invest millions into “Giveaway” marketing. Welcome to the world of… FREE TRIALS!

Remember the ads that you would “accidently” see when you typed in a search for something? Even today, the ads follow you around trying to get you to “try” something for “FREE”, then slam you with the big charges to your credit card just days later!

This Is How It Works.

Now, Let's Break it Down!

First, it’s usually a 30-day supply. They don’t want you to know that a 90-day supply costs just a bit more, so deceptive marketers would rather you pay them 3 times instead of just once since it makes them a boatload more money.

And the Free trial is another aggravating thing. Free trial…Ha! Your trial will end on the same day you are billed. Then you'll have a grudge match with a customer service rep when you call to request a refund. “But I didn’t know I was going to get charged…” you might say. The sneaky marketers bury that in the T’s and C’s. (That's terms and conditions in online Marketing Speak). This is the STANDARD practice, and it is 100% legal.


Next, you’ll start fuming about paying shipping and handling. EXTRA PROFIT you think! Well, not really – it is a real cost. Although a product's costs might be covered by profits, shipping is an essential evil, nonetheless. I mean – Even Amazon charges $140 per year for “FREE SHIPPING”!

Now, let’s talk about product. For an internet marketer to make money on his 89.95 Keto Supplement (or any product for that matter) it is important you buy more than one on the initial order.


By the time the marketer pays up front for the copy writing, the labeling, the advertising and the advertising networks, the CRM (customer relationship management software), Fraud Management the PCI compliant networks, shipping and return shipping on canceled orders, merchant banking fees, accounting and legal issues and a lot more, marketers are lucky to break even on the first order. That’s why it’s imperative for survival that the company ship and bill the consumer more than once and/or the customer buys or agrees to buy more product!

Can You See the Vultures Circling?

All you wanted was a little boost to lose some weight with a good Keto supplement! But when you look behind the curtains you see what it takes for a marketer to ensure you get a good product!

Can you see why the marketer MUST charge so much money for the product? In reality, he only makes real money on the “REBILL” (Marketer Speak for monthly multiple orders). It sounds crazy right? It is!

That’s Why We Quit

Time to take down the curtains. Expose what’s really happening! Imagine if you could eliminate the level of stress you had to go through just trying to get a good deal online? TiWhat if you could deal with a marketer who got real with customers and gave them what they wanted.

Yes, that means quality products, wholesale pricing, no forced rebills and live customer service! Sounds good, right? Well, we know will be ostracized from the industry for doing this! The rest of the marketers will hate us!

I Truly Believe This Formula Is a Work of Art

Let’s think about it…. What if, instead of paying $89.95 or more for 30-day supplies of products such as Keto, Male Enhancement, Weight loss, Skin toning, Age spot removal, Appetite suppressant, Immune Boosters, Hair loss prevention and many, many more, you were able to buy them at just several dollars above manufactures cost?

JUST $9.95 for a bottle for most of the brand name products. And JUST $24.95 for a 90-day supplies of your favorite items! How amazing would that be?

Think about it, instead of paying $89.95 or more for a 30-day supply of Keto, Male Enhancement, Weight Loss, Skin Toning, Age Spot Removal, Appetite Suppressant, Immune Boosters, Hair Loss Prevention, and a slew of other products, you could get them for a few dollars over wholesale cost, delivered right to your doorstep all while being able to talk to smiling, helpful customer service?

How can we do this?

We took the page out of the most successful company in the world …. Amazon!

We created the Savvy Shopper's alternative to shopping at Big Box stores or getting “trapped” with outrageous prices online…an online shopping platform containing your favorite health products and supplements that are all easily accessible. Plus, the convenience of door-to-door delivery and world class customer service! …all for $9.95!

How Do You Get Some?

All we ask is that you become a member of the 995 Club, and you are enrolled in your favorite product niche. You are entitled to buy your products for just a few dollars above manufactures cost, most are only $9.95, no matter how many you buy!!!

No Gotcha’s!

You will see in our T’s and C’s. No forced rebills. No paying for products you don’t want or need. It’s all explained in black and white. Should you want to access all our products in the 995 you can do so for just $4.95 more per month for our VIP membership which includes expedited shipping!

In other words, instead of paying $269.85 for a 90-day supply of Keto Extra for instance, you would simply be a member of the 995 for $9.95 per month and buy the Keto Extra Supplement for $24.95. So, your entire 90 supply is just $34.90! That’s over $234.05 in SAVINGS! And that’s just one supplement! There are so many Brand Names to choose from. Buy enough of your favorite items for a 90-day supply and save even more! Save Hundreds of Dollars!

Save a $1000 a year!

All the Features and Benefits of the 995 Club!

Plus… Get Your First Supplement Bottle…FREE!

We are so confident you’ll save so much money when you join the 995 Club on the products you love that we are going to give you your first product (30-day supply) …FREE! No questions asked!

Of course, you can cancel your 9.95 per month membership at any time. But we hope that you will be a member of our family, buy the products you want at just above wholesale costs for years to come. And don’t forget to tell all your friends about us. Just one more thing. When you join and make your purchases and your free bottle, you will be charged a one-time processing fee of $9.95 to get you set up.

Why? It helps pay for all the overhead to bring these amazing savings to you; the electric, internet, the servers, and the customer care agents to make sure we give you that Disney experience… World Class customer service.

This is an offer you don't want to miss. There is nothing to lose. Sign up for free and cancel whenever you want. And remember, we have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee! If for any reason….and we mean ANY reason…you’re not satisfied with our products or service, we’ll refund your membership and/or product costs…no questions asked! It doesn’t get any better than this!

Here's What People Are Saying About Us

  • "Some months back, my wife used to be really overweight and went to gym twice a week, did several diet plans we have heard of, and within a month of my first order in 995club the hips and belly became notably smaller"

    - Grace & Andre Philip

  • “It's not that I can't perform; it's just that I want to make a lasting impression on my partner, you guys made everything work easily, we not enjoy each other, lols”

    - Matthew Tyler

  • “I had dropped another 25 lbs. at the end of the third week! I grew fit, which motivated me to use the stairs instead of taking the elevator. For me, what appeared to be a difficult workout became a simple delight!”

    - Braham McDonald

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